看点丨2017世界园长大会-美国波士顿学院发展心理学哲学博士Jillian Hogan“如何用艺术打开儿童思维”
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Jillian Hogan在世界园长大会(WPC)上为我们介绍了
Ph.D. in the development of psychology at the Boston College
Jillian Hogan introduced us at the World Council of Watsons (WPC)
"How to open children's thinking with art?"
Here we share her presentation.


Jillian raised two questions and made a brief answer.
How should a good art course be organized?


Answer to the first question: How should a good art course be organized? Jillian believes that the following include the following stages:

教师首先对某一堂课进行讲述和教授,展示各式各样的艺术作品。通常时间很短,不会超过 10 分钟。这样可以给孩子留出足够的时间去完成作品。
The first stage: the teacher briefly taught
Teachers first talk about a class and teach, show a wide range of works of art. Usually the time is very short, no more than 10 minutes. This can give the child enough time to complete the work.

The second stage: students do their own hands painting
The teacher will walk around in the classroom to provide students with the necessary assistance. The child may freely express his or her work in the form of a group, in an independent form, or with the help of a teacher.

The third stage: discuss art and display works
This link is very important, which gives students the opportunity to discuss and summarize their own painting experience with the teacher. Students can ask questions and get feedback from teachers and suggestions. In this discussion will find that students are prone to make mistakes, and will continue to adjust their own plans, in fact, this is the artist's daily look. This discussion is not a contest, but let the children have the opportunity to show their works to others. Sometimes we will hold the whole school art exhibition.


What should the teacher teach in the art class?
So for the second question: the teacher in the art class to teach children what?
Most of the children grow up will not become an artist, does that mean that art class is not necessary?

Studio habits of mind。
In fact, art is not teaching skills, but to teach some very useful thinking, so that children form the habit of thinking, that is,
Studio living of mind.

Mainly include the following aspects:

1.How to make manual.
This is divided into two parts: one is the skill, the second is the studio habit. We will be ready for the appropriate creative space, so that students begin to practice before the first practice how to use the appropriate tools. Each artist is handmade in nature, and is well aware of the tools they use.

2. participation and persistence.
In the art class, the creative work is a process that requires the child to stick to it. This process takes into account the child's interest and ability to constantly encourage the child to tell the child his own strengths and to believe that he can be done so that the child has the confidence and motivation to persevere.

Creative art needs children to play their own imagination, to think about how to carry out their artistic creation and how to do better.

4. express
Children can express their emotions and communicate ideas through artwork. Teachers to arrange a good job, so that students can give their own works of art corresponding emotions.

5. observation
Painting the color, texture, skills, are on the child's observation requirements.

6. reflection
Children will evaluate their work and reflect on their own painting process. Encourage students to ask questions and explain. Teachers should establish self-assessment mechanisms and standards. Let the students self-talk, evaluate whether they like their own in the painting process made the decision. For example: critical sandwiches.

7. Explore
Art classes have a good chance to try new things. Teachers will encourage students to use new tools to make new attempts. A certain failure may bring a different new direction. Teachers can also set some small challenges to raise some enlightening questions to help children explore and try to draw what they want to draw. There is no mistake in art, only beautiful and lovely little accident.

8. Understand the world of art
We can encourage students to go to museums, artists, art institutions, peer learning. You can ask the modern artists to school to share, you can also organize some field visits. Let the children understand the art world.


We encourage students to think like an artist.
Art creation is the process of thinking. Concerned about the process of artistic thinking, rather than the final works of art.
We think that sometimes works of art can look more chaotic. When we let the children in the process of artistic creation of independent choice, self-exploration, the children's art works will look messy. But the art of children to bring the habit of thinking is the most important.

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