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著名心理学者 情商教育专家张怡筠女士在世界园长大会上关于“面向未来的幼儿情商教育”做了精彩演讲
Ms. Zhang Yiyun, a well-known psychologist EQ teacher, gave a lecture on "Future Elderly EQ Education" at the World Council Meeting


她说:“重视幼教才是重视国家未来,全世界有很多先进的、前沿的幼儿理念,值得所有关注幼教未来的园长们,一起学习,一起成长,我非常期待跟各位在世界园长大会上相见,我们一起分享面向未来的幼儿情商教育,也期待和各位交流,一起学习 ,一起成长”。
She said: "Pay attention to the early childhood education is the importance of the future of the country, the world has a lot of advanced, cutting-edge children's philosophy, worthy of all concerned about the future of the kindergarten elders, learn together, grow together, I am looking forward to with you in the World Assembly Meet us, we share the future of children's EQ education, but also look forward to and you exchange, learn together, grow together. "


【卡卡幼儿情商力】情商玩教具体系 创始人CEO“张博士青少年夏令营”创办者“青少年情商魔法课堂”创办者活跃于媒体的心理学专家,被媒体誉为“心灵魔法师”
Professor Zhang Yijun is an expert who has been devoted to the study of psychology and emotion,
In this complex field has its own unique insights.
Since 1996, we have been studying EQ and the Institute has been teaching for 11 years.
In recent years, Dr. Zhang focused on young children and young people of EQ education: 【Zhang Yijun children's emotional training system】 the founder of the system
[Founder of the young people love business classroom "founder of the active media in the media experts, the media as" the soul of the magician "is the founder of the"
Former CCTV "school first lesson" Hunan TV "deformation meter" Oriental TV "happy cube" Shanghai TV "Heart Garden" and other programs psychological counselor / guest host. National hand block
children EQ education program "emotional intelligence class" of the master plan and guest host.
Its own business trainer, since 1996, was invited to more than 650 million well-known enterprises, such as Microsoft, Citigroup, Alibaba, Tencent, etc.) to do business intelligence related training.


EQ Education:
"Where is happiness - 12 happy lessons that affect life" (co-authored with CCTV "Lesson 1" program)
Dr Cheung said easily, clearly speaking the style of speech, lively and interesting, thought-provoking, especially scientific and practical, greatly loved by the parents and children welcome!


张怡筠女士也来到了大会分享儿童的情商教育的话题。情商包含四大部分能力:自我情绪的理解、自我情绪的管理、内心感受的能力以及洞察他人情绪的能力。张博士分享到:在未来的人工智能时代,人类的竞争力就在于情商。而2到6岁,情绪认知、自控力、冲突解决、共情、合作等情商力就已经进入启蒙关键期,情商教育其实从幼儿阶段就应该开始。张博士生动有趣发人深省的分享让小编联想到宝威幼儿园过去2个月的IB课程和森林课程里其实就贯穿了儿童情商教育,比如在探究超学科主题“我们是谁”中,有一个小环节是emotion taught,孩子们用英文自由表达自己的感受,这其实就是自我情绪的理解;森林课程滚轮胎时,由于轮胎稍微笨重容易歪斜,所以2个小朋友一起合作完成整个游戏,这个过程孩子们学到了分享与合作。另外,IB超学科主题“自我表达”及IB培养的12种态度也很大程度涵盖了儿童的情商教育,优秀的教育理念总是有相通之处。
Well-known psychologist emotional intelligence expert Zhang Yijun also came to the General Assembly to share children's emotional education topic. EQ includes four major competencies: the understanding of self-emotion, the management of self-emotion, the ability to feel and the ability to gain insight into others' emotions. In the future era of artificial intelligence, human competitiveness lies in EQ. And 2 to 6 years old, emotional awareness, self-control, conflict resolution, empathy, cooperation and other emotional power has entered the critical period of Enlightenment, EQ education in fact from the early childhood stage should begin. In the past two months of IB courses and forest courses in fact through the children's emotional intelligence education, such as in the ultra-disciplinary theme of "Who are we", there is a small The children are free to express their feelings in English, which is actually self-emotional understanding; forest course tires, because the tires are slightly cumbersome and easy to skew, so two children together to complete the game, the process of children Learned to share and cooperate. In addition, IB hyper-disciplinary theme "self-expression" and IB training 12 kinds of attitude also largely covers the children's EQ education, excellent educational philosophy is always in common.



Zhang Yijun - Every life is worthy of happiness
Every life should have the ability to become the most exciting of this life
Hope that children 's EQ education research
Can affect more children, the most wonderful achievements of their own.


"EQ and toughness are the most lacking content of the education system. The purpose of education is to help children become an independent, happy and self - fulfilling person!"

Miss Zhang Yiyun speech, constantly throwing questions to answer questions, so that the participants of the principal, investors immersed in his high-dimensional perspective to create. From time to time come in all kinds of examples, but also lead to the bursts of applause.

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